Times Crossword in Ink

The daily puzzle is my family
In the absence of knowing intuitively
What a family is
In early days words come easily
The baby days
The-anyone- any-infant-can-do-this days
Words we all know
In any lauguage
Clue: Mama’s Hermana
Answer: Tia
And Tia is kind and smells funky
And has food in her teeth
And is married to Uncle Billy
Who you learn when you’re ten
Is a cad

By the middle of the week
It’s time for clever but
Just because you’re in your forties
It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your moxie
And besides you’re in your forties
It’s only Wednesday
Adrenaline will get you through
Testosterone will get you through
You’re smarter than Wednesday
Clever as it is
Though your heart beats
If the day goes slowly
And your child still isn’t home
When he should be,
There are familiar words to depend on
That help with the blanks.

Fridays you sometimes dread.
It’s not just that the week is long
And you’re tired
Everyone is grown up and seems smarter
But they all still feel like children
Soft bones and sad eyes
A grid of white and black
So you attack Friday, and even Saturday,
In ink, and some days you sail through,
A bit of adrenaline a tad of testosterone
Some days you say one thing and wish
You had said something else
And some days you just stare
Not knowing where to begin.